Four Paws Mobile Veterinary Service

Four Paws Mobile Veterinary Service (MVS) provides complete, reasonably-priced veterinary care for your dogs, cats, and ferrets in the comfort and convenience of your own home. In-home veterinary care can improve your pet's comfort level by avoiding the anxiety associated with pet carriers and car rides to unfamiliar hospital environments.

Four Paws Mobile Vet Truck

Four Paws MVS arrives to your home in a custom 26' LaBoit van designed for small animal veterinary care. Most veterinary procedures can be performed onsite, including physical examinations, general surgery, vaccines, dental cleaning and tooth extractions, and diagnostic testing. In our desire to provide the most complete care possible from a mobile clinic, we offer digital x-ray, ultrasound, blood pressure measurement, and the use of a Tonopen to diagnose and manage glaucoma.

Our service is designed to improve the availability of veterinary care to retirees, busy professionals, clients with limited mobility or access to transportation, and owners of anxious or easily stressed pets. New "parents" of healthy puppies and kittens may appreciate having their animals examined and vaccinated in the safety and cleanliness of their own homes. Households with multiple pets especially benefit from mobile veterinary care by not having to transport more than one animal to a veterinary office at the same time.